Who we are
A team of strategists, designers, storytellers, and developers. We build products and services that connect brands with their audience and drive their business.

A creative agency
for the digital age

« Since 2007 I’ve been exploring the world of design and brand development,
killed so many dragons. Now at Neoko we just craft living and breathing brands.»

Magdalena JAMROZ

Funder and Creative Director.

Why we do it
Our mission is to make our clients’ strengths, values, and goals visible.
Today even more, brands need elaborate meaning. This meaning from which one tells his personal story. People take ownership of brands and follow them when they tell authentic stories.Their customers finally only buy the stories that make sense to them. With words, images, we simply search with intelligence and sensitivity, for the truth of a brand to put it into a narrative, in value and story.
How we do it

What is the nature of the problem? Without a predetermined set of actions, any project will be doomed to failure. This is the most important stage of any project, which is why we will work with you to ensure we get the most out of a design brief as possible. It’s the road map for a successful solution and we need to know as much about projects and targets as much as possible.


Which problem can we impact the most? At this step we are refining and assessing the targets. Analysis of research is invaluable to us as it helps to form our thought process whilst at the same time removing any possible cliché ideas from the possible solutions.


Which options to consider? We think beyond first and last impressions to analyse the way in which your audience will engage with creations. We don’t design for the tastes of other designers and we don’t limit creativity by putting a set number on concepts. We only show the best ideas that will work.


What works and can be repeated? This step is the actual implementation where we deliver finished project. Our iterative design and development process enables us to continuously learn and improve the final product.